A new camera UI will be debuting on the Pixel 8


The cameras on Google’s Pixel series of phones have been consistently excellent, largely thanks to Google’s computational expertise where they have managed to produce some pretty amazing photos over the years.

That being said, great photos are just one part of the experience and that the overall UI definitely helps too. For those who feel that the Pixel camera’s UI could do with some improvements, it looks like the Pixel 8 will be when Google is ushering in those changes. This is according to an exclusive report from Android Authority who got screenshots of the upcoming UI changes.

According to the report, one of the changes users can expect is how Google has swapped the location of the camera switch button with the gallery preview button. Users can also access the settings of the camera by swiping up from the bottom of their phone, and Google is also making it more obvious when separating the photo and video modes.

Google has also made some features of the camera more prominent so that users can access some features that they might not have known were there, or were troublesome to access. Overall, it seems like these improvements should result in a better overall experience, but we’ll have to spend some time with it to get a better idea.

The Pixel 8 should be announced in the coming months so check back with us later for more updates.

Source: Android Authority

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