Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 could finally get a massive camera upgrade


The allure of Samsung’s foldable phones is the folding display technology, where users can opt to get a phone that unfolds into a tablet, for a regular phone that folds up into an even smaller phone.

Unfortunately for the Flip series, Samsung has kind of neglected things on the camera front, where with the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the company has opted to only include a 12MP primary camera which pales in comparison to the Galaxy S23 series. Thankfully, that could change next year.

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This is according to a report from in which they have revealed that for the Flip 6, Samsung will finally be giving the phone a massive camera upgrade which could bump the sensor up to a 50MP sensor. Now, we have mentioned this before but camera sensor resolutions don’t necessarily translate to better photos.

They do provide more details which could come in handy if you crop photos and don’t want to lose the quality in the process, but otherwise in terms of uploading to social media or viewing images on your phone, it might not be that obvious. This doesn’t mean this won’t be a welcome upgrade.

Considering how much customers are paying for the phone, a 12MP primary shooter does seem a little underwhelming. Either way, the Flip 6 is still a long ways from being announced so take it with a grain of salt.


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