ANBERNIC’s new Handheld looks quite Familiar


The sudden onslaught of new dedicated gaming handhelds has been a joy to witness, with a wide variety of different devices running everything from Android to Windows available on the market right now. As such, hardware manufacturer ANBERNIC recently announced that it will soon be launching a new gaming device with the ANBERNIC RG35XXSP.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, ANBERNIC specializes in a wide array of different handhelds which run on Android and Linux, and are programmed to be able to play retro video games. With the RG35XXSP however, ANBERNIC has designed the device to resemble the original Gameboy Advance SP, complete with the folding form factor.

Of course it does come with a lot of the same functionality on other ANBERNIC devices, including a built-in is 5G Wifi module with support for Moonlight streaming, HDMI connectivity, and Bluetooth 4.2. Given the more powerful hardware, it is able to emulate other consoles as well, including the PlayStation, PSP, and Dreamcast to name a few.

Available in classic silver, gray, black, and blue, ANBERNIC still hasn’t announced a launch date for the device, but given its throwback design it should prove to be popular, especially among retro gaming enthusiasts.

Mike Viray
A writer and content creator with a love for tech and music, Mike is also an avid gamer as well. He and his wife are big fans of Mario Kart.

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