3 best casino slots play on your mobile phone in the UK


Playing slot games remains a great way to enjoy yourself when playing at an online casino on your mobile phone. It’s the fact you never know what the next spin of the reels is going to do. Might it be the one that triggers a bonus game or even wins you a progressive jackpot? Together with BritishGambler, an online gambling guide in the UK,  we prepared a list of three great casino slots to play on your mobile phone this year. 

London Tube

Red Tiger Gaming have released this excellent slot game and you don’t need to mind the gap either. 

There are plenty of reasons to play this slot on your mobile phone. Firstly, there are 1024 different ways to get a winning combination. Even better there are three progressive jackpots that can be won and no sign of any strikes.

There’s a cartoonish look to this impressive slot game. Symbols include four passengers of varying ages and a transport policeman making sure they behave. 

Every tenth spin sees a tube train  possibly arrive at the station. The Tube symbols are important as they produce golden frames. As long as there’s one on the reels on the tenth spin, the train will stop. Its doors will open and reward you with either a wild, a multiplier amount that can be as high as 7x or a cash amount that can be as much as 50x your stake.

You also have the chance to earn some free spins and again the golden frames are important for your account balance. More scatter symbols can see additional free spins awarded.

Three jackpot symbols can see the Super Jackpot prize won. There are also the Daily Jackpot and ‘10 Minute Drop’ Jackpots that have to be won at some point in this highly entertaining slot.

Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack

From the London Underground, we go under water.  Pragmatic Play has obviously been inspired by Spongebob Squarepants but it’s Lobster Bob who is the hero of this slot you can play on your mobile phone.

There are plenty of features in this slot. Will you be lucky enough to win the Crab Jackpot that can see you win up to 2,000 your bet? As many as 30 free spins can be won with either a 2x or 3x multiplier attached to wins. That boosts the maximum possible return from one spin to an impressive 6,000x.

We’re not under the sea here, instead this slot is set in a fish tank. Just like ‘London Tube’ we have a rather colourful game with Lobster Bob in an Hawaiian shirt. Also present are a starfish, seahorse and octopus. It must be a very large fish tank.

Also included is the Ante Bet feature which requires you to pay 50% more for your spin. Doing this will see more Ship Wheel Free Spins Scatters appear on the reels. That will boost your chances of getting into the Free Spins feature. Don’t overdo this though and stick to your playing budget. There are plenty of ways of getting a win here in this enjoyable slot game.

Mega Heist

From Relax Gaming we have this new slot game set in a prison. Hopefully you won’t be in there too long as the prisoners long to be able to escape. Not just so they can taste freedom once more because prison hasn’t reformed them in the slightest. They want to get out so a big robbery can be carried out.

A strange set of symbols include handcuffs, bars of soap, a policeman and three of the prisoners. There’s also the Siren Bonus symbol and you’ll want to see that make regular appearances. Three of them trigger the Mega Heist Bonus feature. When that happens you need to get as many robbers as you can into the Safe Zone to really pile up the wins. 16,650x your bet is the best that you can receive.

The Siren Bonus symbols really are quite useful in this slot. Two of them anywhere on the reels gets you into the Escape Bonus feature. A riot breaks out in the prison and that’s a perfect time for the prisoners to attempt an escape. Multipliers are what you want to get your hands on or trigger the Mega Heist Bonus.

It’s a fun slot, though not if you own the bank, club or gas station that the villains want to rob. Some good wins can be earned though and that should keep you happy.

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