How the increased use of mobile phones changed the gambling market in the UK


The way in which we gamble in the UK has changed greatly in recent years. An increasing number of gamblers are now using their mobile phones to place bets at all times of the day. 

With the popular casino apps in the UK and new applications regularly being launched, according to Casino Gambler, the mobile betting revolution shows no sign of slowing down. The apps give mobile phone users the opportunity to be playing their favourite casino games wherever they are.

If you are going to be playing casino games on your mobile phones, be careful when deciding which to join. Registering with a site that is licensed and regulated is imperative for customer protection. Ensure that you sign-up with an online casino that has a lot of customer support with safe payment methods and lots of games to play.

It’s all very different from the way people in the UK used to gamble. Before the internet arrived, players used to make their visit to their local casino or betting shop when they were open. That wasn’t 24/7 so there were plenty of times when it simply wasn’t possible to place further bets. 

Then the internet arrived and the way we gamble began to change. 24/7 betting on games such as roulette, poker, baccarat and blackjack was finally possible on your laptops. More change was on its way though thanks to the advancements made in mobile phone technology.

Rather than just making phone calls, mobiles were now able to go online and access the internet. That didn’t just mean being able to check your emails or the latest news, gambling at online casinos was now possible.

A UK Gambling Commission report four years ago showed just how big an impact mobile phone betting has made. It stated that half of the bets being made in the UK were placed on mobiles. That’s a figure that is bound to be higher the next time research is carried out.

Why?  Well it’s so useful to be able to use your mobile phone for betting purposes. Those betting on sport can keep up to date with all the latest scores and place live bets. For those who prefer to be playing casino games, it’s so easy to use your mobile for that purpose.

You do need to have a mobile that can clearly show everything that is going on. Not being able to realise that’s a King of Spades and not a King of Clubs isn’t going to help you win a hand of poker.

In the early days of using mobile phones for betting at online casinos it was a different story. Just imagine how frustrating it was to be winning at blackjack only to have the screen freeze just at the wrong moment. Technology has improved since then though and it’s not a problem that happens too often these days.

Another big advancement has been the introduction of live casinos at betting sites. These feature live dealers in a setting that is as close as you can get to visiting your local land-based casino. It’s all very helpful, especially if you live a fair way from your nearest casino. It’s also a lot cheaper to play on your mobile. Just log on to your favourite online casino and you will be able to access the live casino on your mobile, even if in the queue at the bus stop.

The COVID pandemic caused great disruption to the UK gambling industry. Land-based betting shops and casinos were forced to close during the various lockdowns. This disruption would have been a disaster if it had happened a few years beforehand. However, gamblers were able to use their mobile phones to visit casinos.

Playing casino games online became more popular during this time. Betting sites were not able to offer all the usual sporting fixtures to gamble on. More emphasis was therefore placed on casino games to ensure their customers continued to visit their sites.

Online casinos have of course been keen to make the most of people gambling on their mobiles. Recent years have seen sites introducing betting apps that can be easily downloaded onto people’s phones. With that in place players are able to be constantly playing at online casinos if they so wish. Those sites that haven’t yet introduced a dedicated app ensure that there is a mobile version available that players can access on their mobiles.

Eager to see more gamblers playing at casinos on their mobiles, special exclusive offers are often made. This can be in the form of a welcome offer to entice new customers with a matched deposit or free spins available. For regular customers, other offers are regularly available to ensure they keep on coming back to their online casino. With players still eager to bet on their mobiles, the future of online casinos looks bright.

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