Google’s update to its Find My Device network might have been delayed


Google has a Find My Device feature that allows users to locate missing items, but the company isn’t stopping there. We previously heard that they were planning on expanding it to cover more devices and to offer protection against unwanted and unauthorized tracking devices, but now it looks like it might have been delayed.

In an update to the status of Google’s Find My Device network status, the company has revealed that they have chosen to delay the rollout. Apparently this could be partially Apple’s fault because according to Google, they are waiting for Apple to implement protections for iOS before they push it out to users.

The plan to launch the network was revealed during I/O 2023, where Google and Apple will be working with other companies to create an industry standard when it comes to unwanted tracking. Apple’s AirTags have been very popular due to their affordability and integration with Apple’s iOS and Mac devices, but it has also been abused where there have been multiple reports over the years of people using it to tag cars to steal, to stalk people, and more.

Apple has their own way of dealing with unwanted trackers, but as more these accessories are created, putting together an industry standard across both of the world’s largest and most-used mobile platforms seems like a good idea. Google hasn’t announced when they think it’ll be ready, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

Source: Android Authority

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