5 Best Slots games for Android (2023)


If there was ever a game that encapsulated the concept of luck, it would be slots. This is because it really is about luck, and whether or not you’ll be able to hit the jackpot. Plus, unlike other casino style games like poker or black jack where you might need a bit of strategy and thinking, slots are easy to understand and get into.

This is why it’s not surprising that many are fond of the game. Now, if you don’t live near a casino but still want to play the game, then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve put together a list of five of the best slot games for Android, so do check it out if you’re interested in enjoying the game on your phone!

Pharaoh’s Way Slots

One of the things you’ve got to love about virtual slot games is that it’s easy to create themes on the fly, unlike in casinos where renovation might be costly and changing things up frequently might not be as feasible. If you enjoy your themes, then Pharaoh’s Way Slots could be the way to go.

It features an ancient civilization theme but under the hood, it’s everything you might want from a slots game, like free spins, multipliers, mini games, and more

POP Slots

A lot of slot games these days are created by third-party developers, which is fine, but if you want something that feels a little more official, POP Slots could be it. It measures official MGM slot machines alongside other casino-inspired machines. The developer claims that new machines will be introduced on a regular basis to keep things fresh.

Players will also be able to enjoy social aspects of the game, like customizing an avatar, meeting other players from around the world, inviting their friends, and more. There will be massive jackpots that players can find, daily quests, free bonus chips, and so on.

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game

When it comes to mobile games, Zynga is one of the more popular developers, having dipped their toes in just about everything, so it’s not surprising that slots is one of the games that they have developed for mobile as well.

With Hit It Rich!, there will be various free slots to choose from, like Elvira and Mustang Money, giving players a casino-like experience where they can earn big and strike massive jackpots. There are also mini games alongside the slot games, so there’ll always be something different to do.

So whether you want the Las Vegas experience or play pokies online Australia, Hit it Rich! could be a good choice.


The problem with some slots games is that getting started might be hard as the amount of chips or spins that you are given for free might be too little. If you’re looking for a slots game that has you up and running right away, Slotomania is the game for you.

The game will give players 1 million free coins as a welcome bonus, and in terms of gameplay and features, there are over 200 premium slot machines for players to choose from. There are also additional features like Slotocards and players will be able to earn exclusive rewards and massive jackpots just from playing the game.

Game of Thrones Slots Casino

Speaking of themed slot games, if you’re a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series (who isn’t?!), then this could be an awesome themed slots game on Android that you should most definitely take a look at.

The game is developed by Zynga and as with other slot games, you have your usual bonus spins, massive jackpot prizes, and more. But it also has the added advantage of being themed around Game of Thrones, so you’ve got themed slot machines and players will also be able to “collect” the various characters from the show.

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