Here’s how Google will convince users to install Android updates


Software updates are usually things to look forward to, but sometimes these rollouts don’t always go to plan. This is because more often than not, a lot of updates come with various bugs that can either completely break a device, or cause minor and annoying inconveniences.

Over time, this has made users skeptical about jumping on board the update the moment it is pushed out. To convince users to update ASAP, it looks like Google has come up with an idea called Android Upgrade Invite.

This is basically a notification that will be pushed to users that when interacted with, will show users a series of animations and slides that will give them an idea of what kind of changes the update will bring to their phone. Given that not everyone closely follows I/O events or Google’s blog posts, not everyone is necessarily aware of the changes an update can make to their phone.

By demonstrating it through this Android Update Invite, it will help users better visualize these changes and might convince them to update their devices. Updates aren’t always about new features and some of them come with important and critical security patches that’s part of the update, so convincing users to update their devices ASAP could go a long way in protecting them as well.

Tyler Lee
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