Is It Worth Playing Casino Apps on Android Versus PC?


With increased access to casinos in-person and online, the gambling industry has flourished and become a mainstream entertainment activity.

By 2026, Business Wire reports the industry will be worth $115 billion. And the online gambling sector has contributed largely to its financial success. 

And while the desktop was the go-to platform to play on in the 90s, in recent decades, playing casino apps on mobile has become the new norm.

For more about the distinctions and advantages of playing casino apps on Android versus PC, read on for more.

Benefits of Mobile Gaming 

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Mobile Operating Systems

Over time, due to demand, mobiles have developed at an extraordinary rate to facilitate multiple functions.

In recent years, with an ongoing interest in playing games on Android, mobile developers have laid more focus on enhancing the gaming experience for all. Meaning better graphics, seamless gaming, larger memory capacity, and longer battery life for Android casino app players.

Quality Mobile Casino Games

Equally, mobile casino game developers are putting in the same effort to attract and engage people to play. Which means a plethora of high-quality casino apps for Android at each user’s fingertips. Of course, the quality of the app itself is very important. Make sure you read some reviews before downloading an app so that you know you’re getting the best app for your android phone.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

Unlike the desktop, mobiles are free for people to roam and play wherever they may be. 

Moreover, advanced models can retain enough charge to cope with a variety of apps and functions playing at once. 

Also, widespread internet services allow people to stay connected online, and play casino games online wherever they want to.

Faster Internet Connection

A necessity in all aspects of life, for remote working, education, our health, and so forth, the internet is being modernised and improved to provide more wireless coverage and faster download speeds for all. 

The latest invention in wireless tech is 5G. The 5th generation mobile network is currently being rolled out across the world, and new mobile phones are integrated with the capacity to use this technology.

5G gives Android users the power to play games in more places, and at a faster rate than ever before, without fear of their game of blackjack being interrupted.


The handheld size of the mobile makes it the most convenient gaming device to carry around and it can be slipped into most pockets. So, for this pro, Android clearly trumps desktop when wanting to play slots on the go.

Arguably, mobile is great to play on at home too, because it’s light to hold and designed to be handheld, thus easier and more comfortable to use and play on than the desktop.


According to Statista, as of 2023, there are 6.92 billion smartphone users, meaning over 85% of the population has a smartphone. 

With more of the world owning a smartphone than a desktop, people are more likely to have access to download casino gaming apps on their mobile rather than a PC.


There are a lot of bonuses available to mobile users as opposed to desktop casino players. 

Casino companies create apps, with personalized features, to adapt their giveaways to the gamer, based on the player’s interests recorded in the app.

Benefits of Desktop Gaming 

Storage Space

Most basic desktops have at least 250 GB hard drive capacity, which exceeds the general storage space offered on smartphones, sitting anywhere between 16 GB and 128 GB.

Plus, desktops, unlike mobiles, can be modified to add much larger storage space too.

Graphics and Performance

Right now, in terms of graphics and performance, computers are more powerful than mobile phones with the ability to run extensive gaming applications with ease. 

As such, if you’re one for playing multiple casino games at one time, using a desktop might be better for you.

Screen Size and Quality

If you want a larger screen to play casino games on, a desktop is more suitable because it can connect to a variety of monitors in different sizes, and many have a better choice of features and picture quality than mobile phones.

Most people today have a PC and a smartphone, so they have the luxury of choosing what device to use and play casino games on.

But out of the two, the smartphone is the indisputable winner. 

Besides this fact, mobiles help people to manage their daily lives, for example, via map navigation and healthcare assistance. It’s the best for playing games like roulette and poker because you can play them anywhere! So, there’s never a dull moment, and you don’t have to wait to go home and get on a PC to play. 

Not to mention, there’s more access to generous mobile-user bonuses, giving mobile-players free cash to play and try new casino games.

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