Samsung’s latest display tech can measure your heart rate


In-display fingerprint sensors solve the problem of having a physical fingerprint scanner, like in the home button, mounted on the side, or on the back. It is meant to create a more aesthetically pleasing device.

But the problem with the current tech is that the area that actually reads your fingerprints is quite small, so touching anywhere else outside of the range means your fingerprint won’t read. Samsung appears to have solved that problem with its latest display tech.

The company has shown off brand new OLED display technology called the Sensor OLED. It seems that this display integrates biometrics and health tracking directly into the display itself, which means that anywhere the user touches, the phone can read their fingerprint and unlock their phone. It can also be used as a heart rate monitor and measure things like your heart rate and maybe even blood pressure.

One of the upsides of using this Sensor OLED tech is that it eliminates the need to use a separate fingerprint reader component, thus reducing the overall complexity of building the device and potentially saving manufacturers cost. It is unclear if and when we will see this new display tech make its way into phones, but it is pretty exciting to see.

Source: SamMobile

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