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Basketball fans are enjoying this time of the year more than any other as the NBA Playoffs are in full swing. The NBA finals are some of the most exciting and exhilarating times in the calendar for games with so much on the line.

With the best of the best fighting it out in the knockout format to try and become the champions for 2023. Milwaukee Bucks are defending their title this season and were one of the favorites in the https://sportsbook.draftkings.com/nba-finals–odds to take home the trophy at the end of the season before they were knocked out by Miami Heat.

You can enjoy getting involved in betting on the NBA Playoffs and finals when you sign up as a new customer with DraftKings Sportsbook. 

DraftKings offers its customers an incredibly easy to use app which has everything their customers need right at their fingertips.

The sportsbook offers a massive selection of markets which you can bet on. As well as all the major American sports leagues such as NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB you can also place bets on sports domestically and internationally like Formula 1, Golf, Premier League and so much more.

For the NBA Playoffs, you can access all the upcoming games coming up with DraftKings giving you the moneyline, spread and points bets immediately. The most popular bets are on offer straight away, but you can delve further to find extra bets which you’d like place. 

If you have a feeling on the number of points a player will score, who will win the tip off or which team will score the most rebounds, or anything else you can think of, DraftKings offer you a great way to build props bets when you select the game you want to bet on as well.

Downloading the app is the best way to get involved in sports betting. No longer do you need to walk or drive down to your local sportsbook and place a bet at the counter. You now have all this readily available at your fingertips at any time of the day or night. 

Whenever you decide on a bet you’d like to place or hear the latest news on an upcoming game, you can go and check the odds with the handy DraftKings app.

Apps have revolutionized the sports betting market, especially in the United States where the laws on sports betting vary from state to state. 

For sportsbooks that are available in a multitude of states, like DraftKings who operate in 21 states across America as well as Canada, customers can access their app in any one of those 21 states. You don’t even have to be based in the state you registered in. 

The ease of use and access to the latest odds as the fluctuate with breaking news ensures you can find the best odds at the right time for you with the app. You can also easily make live bets during the game with in-play options which update instantly with their state-of-the-art algorithms and technology.

You can browse a truly extensive list of sports on the app which may not always be available to you at the in-person bookmakers, giving you the chance to find exactly what you want to bet on and explore different options on how to bet.

The Apps allow you to build up your bet slip and place your bets easily and with confidence, as well as giving yourself the option of setting bet limits to always bet safely and sensibly.

With the NBA Playoffs thrilling fans across the world there are some great options for you to bet on in-game as well as with futures bets as well.


You can place your bet now on who you think will be crowned the champion come the end of the season. 

Having beaten the reigning champions to progress, the Miami Heat are still on huge odds to go all the way and very much unfancied, but if you think they can spring a surprise then you’ll get a big payout if it comes off.

The Boston Celtics and Denver Nuggets are two sides to keep an eye on going into the later rounds and two of the favorites to eventually win the title, though their odds are much slimmer, especially as we get close to the final.

For a good mid-range pick, the Golden State Warriors are always a threat and can be a lot to handle as the season goes on with players who can carry their side like Steph Curry.

You won’t want to miss a bit of the action as a fan and you can also get involved when you sign up for a DraftKings sportsbook account to bet on all the latest games in the NBA playoffs as well as anything else which interests you.

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