DEAL: Crucial’s X6 external SSD is now at its lowest price ever


These days, SSDs are becoming increasingly common storage options when it comes to both internal and external storage for computers, but can you remember how much SSDs used to cost back in the day?

Back then it was extremely expensive due to the tech being somewhat new, but these days, they have become a lot more affordable. In fact, if you’re in the market for an external SSD, then you might want to check out this deal that Crucial is running for its X6 portable SSD which has been discounted by 39%, bringing its price down to an all-time low of just $42.99.

This makes the X6 one of the cheapest SSDs we’ve seen in 2023, especially when you consider that you’ll be getting an external drive that’s priced somewhat similarly to an external HDD, but reads and writes data much faster.

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