TikTok 60 min timer now mandatory for minors


Have you found yourself scrolling at the depths of 4 a.m. because you’ve been sleepless and are just looking for a little bit of serotonin from some funny videos before you finally fall asleep? Well, Tiktok has introduced a new timer setting that could be useful not just for users like me but for the wider community. 

This feature is being introduced specifically for minors and younger users. All users under the age of 18 will have a default timer set for their accounts for 60 minutes of watch time. After the 60-minute timer has elapsed, they will have to enter a PIN or get a parent/guardian to insert a PIN for them in order to continue watching. This is in order to give teens and younger users a sense of autonomy when it comes to using the app.

Typing in a PIN or having to pause to consider if they would like to continue becomes an active decision. By providing kids with the opportunity to be proactive in the media that they’re consuming, we’re encouraging them to become more analytical about what they want to engage with. 

Source: TikTok

Becoming more intentional about how we use our screen time is an important skill, and it’s a great one to develop from a young age. TikTok has started sending out weekly screentime recaps to teen accounts, as well as a more robust family suite that helps parents and caregivers curate their teens’ TikTok experiences even more.

From changing screen times per holidays or school breaks, to things like only allowing notifications in at a certain time from the app. There is a lot to like about how TikTok is letting its users and their families curate the best and safest experience possible. 

Source: TikTok

With a newer edition of adding sleep reminders to users who want to log off for the night, it might even help curb my 4 a.m. scrolling.

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