FastPeopleFinder Overview 2023: Best People Lookup Service Online for Free


Over the years, people finder services have revolutionized the process of looking up individuals. Long gone are the days of browsing numerous white pages just to find people’s personal and contact information. 

Using People search services, you can find complete information on a target person within minutes and without paying hefty fees. Today, we’ll be reviewing FastPeopleFinder, a people finder service within the US, to see what it has to offer as well as its pros and cons.

What is FastPeopleFinder?

FastPeopleFinder is an online free people finder you can use to trace people’s details. The website has access to vast data sources, allowing quick and seamless information retrieval on a target person.

It’s an all-inclusive platform that can reveal details about people based on their names, phone numbers, or addresses. You can quickly access their basic information, social media profiles, public records, and other crucial details with only one click.

Depending on the information you give, FastPeopleFinder may reveal specific details you need or several results. Hence it is essential to have one or more pieces of personal information such as names, phone number or address to assist you locate the person/info you’re looking for.  

How to Search People Using FastPeopleFinder

FastPeopleFinder provides multiple ways to look up people’s information. This feature ensures you always get what you’re searching for without hassle. Below are four main ways you can find people’s details on the website:

1. Background Check

Background Check allows you to find people’s information using their names. However, it’s advisable to have a middle name as you can use it to filter search results to help you find your target person.

Here is a simple guide on how to conduct a free people search on FastPeopleFinder;

  •   Go to FastPeopleFinder official website and locate the ‘Background Check’ option
  •  Input the target’s person name on the provided space and click the Search bar to start the lookup.
  • Check the revealed results to find information on the exact person you’re looking for.

    2. Phone Lookup

Like name search, phone lookup can reveal more than just a person’s identity. You can know who is the owner of the phone number, his/her location, and some public information about the person.

The simple process below will guide you on how to perform a phone number search in FastPeopleFinder;

  • Go  to the  ‘Phone Number’ option and select it to get the phone number lookup service.
  • Enter the phone number of your target person and ensure you provide a phone number that conforms to the standard American telephone number format.
  • Receive accurate reports on the owner’s personal and public information.
  •         Review the retrieved details on the phone number you provided.

    3. Address lookup

Additionally, you can find out who’s living at a particular address plus other details related to them or their property with an address lookup. The procedure below will help you find accurate information about who lives at a specific address smoothly on FastPeopleFinder;

  •   Find the ‘Address Lookup’ option on the FindPeopleFaster website and select it to perform an address search.
  •  Input a valid address of the property/person you wish to look at. Here, you’ll also have the option to select the target person’s city and state.
  •  Click the ‘Search’ bar to  get detailed information on the person living at that address as well as the property itself.
  •         Review the retrieved results about the provided address. 

    4. Email Lookup

An email search allows you to search people’s information using their specific email addresses. To do so, you simply need to;

  • Select the ‘Email Lookup’ option on the FindPeopleFaster homepage.
  • Provide the target person’s email address.
  • Review results to find complete information on the owner of the email address.

·  What Information Can You Get from a People Search?

People search tools usually scour the internet to retrieve all available information on the target person. The details found may vary with the type of search you perform, but most lookups will reveal the following things:

  1. Public Records

Public records refer to any documents recorded in public governmental agencies. Such documents are available for viewing by the general public.Some of the public records you can get when you perform a people search on FastpeopleFinder include: 

  •     Court Records

Most court documents are accessible to the public and can be retrieved when you perform a people search. Common publicly available records include criminal records and civil records. A people search can reveal any available criminal record under a person’s name, phone number, or address.However, it may not show exempted or sealed court records as they are publicly unavailable. Sex offender records also show up during an online people search.

  • Marriage and Divorce Records

Looking up people allows you to view marriage and divorce records of the target person. Since  records of marriages and divorces are publicly available at state and county levels, you can easily find them with a people search.

  • Birth and Death Records

You can discover a person’s birth records and even their death records if  they have passed on. All you need is the target individual’s name and a people search will give you accurate information on their date of birth/ death along with other helpful details. 


    2. Address History

People searches can also show an individual’s current address, co-residents, and possible past addresses.

Pros and Cons of Using FastPeopleFinder

Like other people search engines, using FastPeopleFinder comes with benefits and some drawbacks, and the major ones include the following:


  1. Safe and Anonymous Searches
    Total privacy and security are when performing people searches, and FastPeopleFinder offers just that. You don’t have to worry about your search data leaking or being breached since the website uses high-end encryption to protect all its users’ privacy.
  2. Vast database
    FastPeopleFinder sifts through thousands of public record databases and web pages to find information and summarize reports in minutes. It can also retrieve details from licensed sources that cannot be accessed through regular internet searches.
  3. Accurate and detailed reports
    FastPeopleFinder provides accurate and updated information on people’s backgrounds and identities. Hence, you can rest assured every detail generated by this platform is reliable.
  4. User-friendly Interface
    FastPeopleFinder has an easy-to-navigate website and shows only readable and understandable instructions. To generate reliable reports, you simply need to know the target person’s phone number, name, home, or email address.


  1. Long wait time during search
    FastPeopleFinder has an extensive database and it often takes time to find a particular report when you perform a people search.
  2. Customer care needs improvement
    Customer support on this website isn’t available 24/7. Also they don’t have a live chat option integrated into the website to help visitors.


1. Can I conduct a people search with just a phone number?

Yes. FastPeopleFinder allows users to search for people’s details using multiple ways, including their phone numbers.

2. How Can I remove my information from FastPeopleFinder?

If you don’t wish your details to be on the FastPeopleFinder database, you can remove them by simply submitting a removal request through an easy-to-fill online form. 

3. What other ways can I use to search people?

There are several alternative methods you can consider to look up people. The most common options are searching via conventional search engines like Google and Bing.

4. How can I locate People near me?

FastPeopleFinder is a reliable and highly effective choice for finding people near you. Alternatively,  you can use white pages and facebook searches to identify people living near you. 

Final Thoughts

FastPeopleFinder is an efficient, secure, and legit people search engine you can use at your convenience. Find any valuable information on a person or property today with only their name, email, address, or phone number. 

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