Instagram to remove dedicated Shopping tab in its app next month


Given how many people view products on Instagram, it’s not surprising that Instagram wanted to leverage those eyeballs and give users a way to buy items directly through the app instead of opening a new browser window.

This resulted in Instagram creating a dedicated Shopping tab where users could quickly and easily browse products directly from within the app. It looks like maybe Instagram’s shopping efforts might not have paid off as well as the company would have liked, so much so that they are now removing the Shopping tab from the main navigation row at the bottom of the app.

This doesn’t mean that Instagram is killing off the shopping feature, but rather it will no longer take up such a prominent spot in the app. Instagram users who still want to shop on the platform, or creators who want to use Instagram as a shop front can continue to do so with no changes to the feature.

These changes will only come into effect next month, so for now, users will still be able to access the feature from the navigation bar at the bottom of the app, but be prepared for a slightly different look come February 2023.

Source: The Verge

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