Google is making Chrome less of a battery and memory hog


One of the main criticisms that Chrome has had over the years is how much of a battery and memory hog it has been. While Google has made some changes and improvements over time, it has been found that compared to other browsers, Chrome for the most part still seems to consume the most memory.

That seems to be something that Google is still working towards as the company has rolled out two new modes for its Chrome browser that are designed to help it consume less memory and battery.

This comes in the form of a Memory Saver mode where according to Google, it will be able to free up memory consumption by as much as 30% on the desktop. This basically frees up memory from tabs that you have opened in the browser but aren’t actively using. It will also apparently provide users with a smoother experience.

On the battery front, this comes in the form of Battery Saver mode. If you’re using a laptop, this feature will kick in when your laptop’s battery drops to 20%, after which the browser will then limit background activity and visual effects.

These changes are now live as part of the m108 Chrome build, and all users should have access to it in the coming weeks.

Source: Engadget

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