Amazon wants to pay you to monitor your phone traffic


A lot of the things we do on our phones aren’t necessarily private. This is thanks to the websites we browse, the apps we use, all of which collect a certain amount of data from us. Now it looks like Amazon wants some of that data, and they’ll be willing to pay users for it too.

According to a report from Business Insider, they have discovered a new invite-only Ad Verification program. This is basically where Amazon wants to know what kind of ads users are seeing, where they saw it, and what time of the day they saw it, and they’re hoping that this will help create more personalized ads.

Now, like we said, Amazon is willing to pay users for that information where they’ll pay users a whopping $2 a month to basically monitor traffic coming from their phones. Yes, you read that right, a very generous $2. Users who opt-in can also opt-out anytime they want, although we’re not sure who would be willing to opt-in in the first place.

If Amazon paid customers $2 per ad they verified, we suppose this could add up and become a bit more attractive, but at $2 a month, it’s practically pennies to the company and we’re not sure if sacrificing your privacy is worth $2 a month. In any case, it is an invite-only program so not everyone will be able to sign up for it.

An Amazon spokesperson did tell Business Insider that those who did not make the cut can sign up to be put on a waitlist and be invited further down the road.

Source: Business Insider

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