Pixel phones can now maintain WiFi while in Airplane mode


Have you ever turned on Airplane mode on your phone? If you do, you will notice that it will kill off your connections, both cellular and WiFi. WiFi can be turned on, but when Airplane mode is enabled, WiFi is automatically turned off at the same time.

For those who find it annoying having to turn WiFi back on, then you will be pleased to learn that in a recent update to its Pixel series of smartphones, Google has made it so that whenever users turn on Airplane mode, the WiFi connection is maintained so that users won’t have to manually turn it back on.

Keep in mind that users will need to go through this process at least one time, after which their Pixel phones will remember their settings and preferences and will maintain WiFi whenever Airplane mode is turned on. According to Google’s Pixel support page:

“When you first turn on your Android phone’s Airplane mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off. You can change this setting to keep your wireless connections on, so you stay connected to devices like your smartwatch or Bluetooth earbuds. You can also turn your wireless connections off again.”

It’s probably not the biggest of updates, but for those who do use Airplane mode quite frequently, this is a quality of life update to look forward to.

Source: 9to5Google

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