WhatsApp will show “Edit” label on messages that were edited


One of the features of WhatsApp is the ability to recall/unsend messages. But typically what happens is people tend to ask why was that message unsent? Sometimes users unsend a message because of a typo, wrong information, and so on, not necessarily because of something nefarious, so an edit button might be better in such situations.

Now, we previously heard that WhatsApp was developing a new feature that would allow users to edit sent messages, and now a new report from WABetaInfo has revealed that to better communicate that a message has been edited, it will now show an “edited” label so that users know when a message has been edited.

Image credit – WABetaInfo

This is useful and very important because if there was no “edit” label, users could claim that the message was sent was original, which could be abused by unscrupulous users, so obviously having an “edit” label will come in handy. Note that WhatsApp has yet to roll out the feature that lets users edit their sent messages, but presumably WhatsApp could be launching the ability to edit messages and the edited label at the same time.

We have no idea when this feature is expected to go live, but hopefully it won’t be too long, especially since other messaging platforms already allow a similar editing feature.

Source: WABetaInfo

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