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Last week we covered how you can exit groups stealthily in WhatsApp and today we have some more changes to share with you. We’ve all been there. Typing errors aren’t ever fun, and simple misspelling could cause a lot of people to be really ducking mad.

WhatsApp, traditionally hasn’t let you edit your messages once they’ve been sent. But some apps already allow you to edit posts or messages after they’ve been sent, but it appears like WhatsApp wants to join the party.

Image Source: wabetainfo

WaBetaInfo discovered a new feature inside the WhatsApp beta which also allows users to alter their text messages. Users can pick a message and press the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, which will expose a new “Edit” option beside “Info” and “Copy,” according to the photos.

After pressing “Edit,” the chosen text will display in the editor, which you can potentially make whatever changes you want.

This doesn’t seem to be an edit history function that shows prior iterations of the messages, which would assist users stay accountable if they decided to radically modify the message’s meaning. However, because the feature seems to be in development, this could change once it is released.

It will most probably be announced for Android smartphones, compatible with iOS devices, and desktop versions of WhatsApp when (or if) it is released. Hopefully, WhatsApp’s addition of the capability will signify that Meta’s Messenger software will follow suit.

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