Instagram Stories can now run up to 60 seconds


Instagram Stories are a way for users to post content to their profile that might not be 100% related to what they post on their feed. For example, companies could use it to announce new products, or announce upcoming giveaways, show behind-the-scenes footage, and so on.

The problem with Stories was that it was limited to just 15 seconds per segment, meaning that longer posts would have to be broken up, but not anymore. In a statement made to TechCrunch, a spokesperson for Meta has confirmed that Stories can now run up to 60 seconds per segment.

“We are always working on ways to improve the Stories experience. Now, you’ll be able to play and create Stories continuously for up to 60 seconds, instead of being automatically cut into 15 second clips.”

If this sounds familiar, it is because back in 2021, researcher Matt Navarra discovered that Instagram was testing out 60 seconds Stories over in Turkey, but now with this confirmation, it looks like testing is complete and Instagram is ready for users to take full advantage of the longer posts.

That being said, those who wish to post even longer videos will have to make use of Instagram’s IGTV feature, or for those who prefer more public videos, you can also opt to use Instagram Reels which is the company’s answer to TikTok.

Source: TechCrunch

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