Sep 27th, 2022

A few years ago, Microsoft took the wraps off their first officially-branded smartphone, the Surface Duo. It was an odd device in the sense that for their first smartphone, Microsoft opted to launch it a year after it was announced with specs from the previous year, raising some eyebrows in the process.

Its sequel wasn’t exactly well-received either, so when there were rumors that the Surface Duo series could have been discontinued, we weren’t too surprised. But pump your brakes because it appears that Microsoft isn’t done yet. In a statement made to Windows Central, Microsoft has confirmed that the Surface Duo series has not been cancelled nor discontinued.

“We are experiencing supply constraints that are impacting stock of Surface Duo 2 units. The product is not being discontinued. We continue to update and to innovate on this form factor and are excited by customer interest.”

The rumors and speculation of the series being discontinued stemmed from reports of Best Buy stores taking down specialized Surface Duo kiosks and inventory being depleted, and even Microsoft’s website did not have any units available for order. Now according to this statement, the reason was due to supply constraints, or at least that’s the official word.

We’re not sure when Microsoft is expected to launch the Surface Duo 3, but the company usually hosts a Surface event in late September/October, so maybe we’ll learn more about a possible new model then.

Source: Windows Central

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