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The new Chromcast offers bigger features at a smaller price


Google today unveiled Chromecast with Google TV (HD), a far less expensive version of the 2020 model that offers additional features, adding to the company’s range of streaming devices. Additionally, as the name suggests, the new dongle sacrifices some extras for a lower price, such as 4K capability. While this device isn’t intended to replace the current lineup of devices it allows customers an easy point of entry to the world of streaming with an attractive price point.

The traditional Snow color of the new Chromecast will be $30 and be offered in the US. The device is due to ship to 19 other nations, among them Canada, Italy, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Japan.

Although it costs a little under the 4K variant, which sells for $35, you’ll have to give up certain features. However, HDR10 and HDR10+ are supported on the latest model. 

Source: Google

The newest Chromecast delivers all of the same capabilities as Google’s premier device, along with the most current updates to Google TV in general, with the exception of the lower resolution. One of them is Google TV’s renowned content curation feature, which develops suggestions based on customers’ viewing patterns.

Additionally, there are “glanceable cards,” a customized screensaver for Google TV that shows relevant data in ambient mode, which shows off certain Google Apps. For instance, the Google Photos App will show off your personal photos, weather forecasts for your local area, suggested entertainment, and more.

In order to prevent your content suggestion from being corrupted by films and television series you never planned to view, profiles for both kids and perhaps other household members are also included. Thankfully, its content selection includes support for Apple TV.

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