Aug 27th, 2022

Following the release of Android 13 for Google Pixel devices a while back, several other smartphone brands and manufacturers have each announced their own timelines for Android 13 beta accessibility for their own devices. As such, one of the latest to join the party is ASUS, which has revealed a registration program for a select number of Zenfone 9 owners.

The Beta Program will allow Zenfone 9 owners users to try out Android 13 on their handsets, and help out ASUS in pinpointing bugs and irregularities with performance. ASUS stresses that all information relating to the beta software will be confidential, and has thus dissuaded users from posting publicly about the beta program. As per the statement on the Zentalk webpage:

“Please do not publicly post information about the beta software, and don’t discuss or demonstrate it to others who are not in this program. A new board on ASUS official forum, ZenTalk, will be exclusively accessible by users who participate in this program. If you have any questions or bugs to report, please create a thread in this board for further help.”

Users who are accepted into the program will be sent an email regarding their enrolment. ASUS did mention that the beta will most likely have bugs and possible performance issues, and thus warned users “expecting a trouble free experience” to refrain from signing up for the beta program.

Zenfone 9 users can sign up for the Android 13 beta by heading to their Settings app, and scrolling down to System System Update > Enroll in the Beta Test Program.

Source: Zentalk

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