Someone turned their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 into a Windows phone


Microsoft and Nokia’s Windows Phones were arguably one of the best smartphone experiences we’ve had the pleasure of trying all those years ago. Unfortunately, the dominance of Android and iOS made it near impossible for Windows Phone to gain any meaningful traction, ultimately leading to it being shut down.

Fast forward years later, it seems that there are still some who miss the Windows experience on mobile, like YouTuber Mark Spurrell who decided to take his brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and convert it into a Windows smartphone.

The handset itself still runs on Android, but with the use of a couple of different Android launchers and making some tweaks to Bixby Routines, Spurrell managed to convert his Galaxy Z Fold 4 into a pseudo Windows phone of sorts. The main inner display itself looks and feels like the desktop version of Windows, but the outer display really gives us Windows Phone vibes, thanks to the use of the tiled design.

While Spurrell notes that the end result isn’t perfect, it does seem to work a lot better than he expected. If you’re curious about his process and maybe want to replicate it yourself, then check out his video above for the details.

Source: Android Central

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