Aug 26th, 2022

Different music streaming services rely on different tactics to make recommendations to users. For example, most use what you listen to in order to determine the kind of music you like. Others, such as Spotify, create mood/activity based playlists that help you discover new songs.

As for YouTube Music, it uses your precise location to make song recommendations based on where you are, like if you’re at the gym, it might offer tunes that will help energize your workouts. For those who feel a bit iffy about this, the good news is that YouTube is doing away with that feature.

Come 26th of September, YouTube Music will no longer make location-based recommendations. The company also says that they will delete YouTube Music data that’s been derived from your location and will instead focus on using other methods of song recommendations.

Now, to be fair, users have always had the option to disable location-based recommendations, but seeing as it is hidden in the settings, it might not always be so obvious to users that it can be disabled or how to disable it. So if you’re not comfortable with YouTube Music using your location, you can rest assured that next month it will be gone, or in the meantime you can always disable it manually.

Source: 9to5Google

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