Microsoft finally admits Windows Phone is dead


In case it wasn’t obvious that Microsoft has given up on Windows Phone when they started bringing all of their apps to Android and iOS, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore finally admitted that Windows Phone is in maintenance mode. He sent out a tweet yesterday saying the company will continue to support the platform with bug fixes and security updates, but that there are no new features coming to Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft snatched up Nokia back in 2013 in order to spearhead their phone production, but after a shaky few years the company ended up selling off most of its assets and laying off several thousand Nokia employees. Nokia now licenses the use of its familiar mobile brand to HMD Global, which is currently making several Nokia-branded Android phones.

Microsoft never really had a chance in the mobile ring, as evidenced by Bill Gates switch to Android. The real killer? Microsoft just couldn’t convince third-parties to make their apps available on the platform. In another tweet, Belfiore admits that Microsoft courted developers hard and even offered to make apps for them, but in the end, there just weren’t enough people on the platform.

It’s unfortunate but as a former Windows Phone user, I completely understand why Microsoft had this chicken/egg problem. The platform was interesting, but nearly every app I used was a third-party solution that was often broken with API updates. Perhaps the best thing to come from this is that Nokia is back in the Android fold.
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