Aug 15th, 2022

THQ Nordic has done a terrific job of bringing over console and PC gaming titles to mobile devices, and the studio’s acquisition of mobile developer Handygames has strengthened its presence in the mobile game market. Recently, the studio announced that it will soon bring a port of “Wreckfest” to Android and iOS.

Originally launched for PC and console systems back in 2018-2019, Wreckfest pits you in destruction derby-styled events and races, using your vehicle and skills to wreak havoc on the racetrack. The trailer released for the game shows some of the available courses and vehicles, although it’s obvious that there will be a step down in terms of graphical quality, given that this is a mobile port. The announcement of the mobile version of the game also follows its recent availability for the Nintendo switch.

Prior to this, THQ Nordic has ported over other games from dedicated gaming systems over to mobile devices, such as Battle Chasers: Nightwar and Lock’s Quest. With that said, no official release date was given for the game, so fans of the franchise will have to wait a bit for further announcements from THQ Nordic and Handygames.

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Source: Game Space

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