Bungie and NetEase Reportedly Working on Mobile FPS Game


Modern smartphone hardware has allowed gamers to access more familiar gaming franchises thanks to high-end specs and online features. Games like Call of Duty Mobile, League of Legends Wild Rift, and apex Mobile have so far done a passable job in bringing over action-packed gameplay to smaller screens.

With that said, an article from the folks over at The Game Post has pointed out that Halo and Destiny developer Bungie is currently working with NetEase games on an unnamed mobile first-person shooter game, based on a LinkedIn profile from a NetEase employee who worked on the game.

Additionally, a source reveals that NetEase is working on a new Destiny game, which as of the moment has been two years in the making. So far, all the available info suggests that the upcoming game will be a stand-alone title, and not related to any current Destiny game.

Furthermore, an earlier report also points out that Bungie is working on its own internal mobile game engine, based on a job listing from the studio.

At the moment, the closest thing that fans have to a mobile Destiny gaming experience is through Google Stadia, which supports gameplay for both desktop and mobile devices. No formal announcement regarding the upcoming title has been made, of course, so Destiny fans will have to wait a bit more for an official statement from either studio.

Source: The Game Post

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