Motorola teases larger camera sensor for the upcoming Moto X30 Pro


In the past, one of the main upgrades we would see made to smartphone cameras was to bump their megapixel count. As we’ve said countless times before, megapixels don’t really mean that much in terms of image quality, unless you plan on printing it out in larger formats like a poster or banner.

These days, it seems that companies are upgrading their cameras in a different way and that is by increasing its sensor size. Motorola appears to be doing just that as the company had posted a teaser on Weibo in which they hinted that the upcoming Moto X30 Pro would be featuring the use of a 1/1.22-inch Sony camera sensor.

This makes it slightly larger than some of the other sensors found on other smartphones available today. Xiaomi themselves had also recently launched the Xiaomi 12S Ultra which features a whopping 1-inch Sony sensor, so while 1/1.22-inch isn’t quite as big, it does come pretty close.

For those wondering why a larger sensor is a big deal, it is because larger sensors can capture more light. In turn, this will help make photos look better in terms of image quality, such as sharpness and bokeh, and can also improve photos taken in low-light situations. There is currently no word on when the Moto X30 Pro is expected to be announced, but it has been suggested that maybe it will be revealed this month, so more details on the phone should follow shortly.

Source: PhoneArena

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