Check out the Nothing Phone (1) in all of its transparent glory


A recent teaser image shared by Nothing on Twitter revealed the back design of the upcoming Nothing Phone (1). We weren’t quite sure then if the transparent back was just to showcase the innards of the phone or if it might be the actual design, but now thanks to a video by Lorenz Keller, we have a much better idea.

Keller attended a showcase held by Nothing over in Switzerland where the phone made its first appearance. At the event, the phone was on full display where we could see the back of the phone in real-life as opposed to renders uploaded onto Twitter.

Once again, we can’t be 100% sure if the see-through design is just to show off the way Nothing has designed the internals of the phone, or if this is the final look. We’re hoping it’s the latter because based on the video, it looks like there are some lights built into the back of the phone where it flashes.

It’s admittedly a bit of a novelty, but it might be useful to let you know whenever you have notifications. It could also act as an enhanced flashlight of sorts or lighting for photography in case you need fixed lighting and don’t want to rely on the flash unit of the phone. In any case, if you have a few minutes to spare, then this video could be worth checking out.

The Nothing Phone (1) is expected to be officially unveiled in full on the 12th of July, so we should have more details about it in less than a month’s time.

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