Jun 15th, 2022

Just the other day, Nothing posted a teaser image of its upcoming smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1), on Twitter. Now in another follow up post by the company, they have shared a new teaser image of the upcoming handset, this time giving us the full back view of the phone.

Based on this teaser, it looks like it has been confirmed that the handset will only come with a dual camera setup, versus the triple camera setup which is a more popular option these days. Of course, more cameras doesn’t necessarily mean better photos, so it’s not necessarily a deal breaker for us.

Google famously kept the single camera on its Pixel phones when others were doing dual cameras, but its software managed to more than make up for it, so here’s hoping Nothing will be able to do the same. Other than that, not much else is revealed about the handset based on this teaser image alone.

We’re not sure if this see-through design is on purpose just to let us have a sneak peek under the hood, or if this will be an actual design offering. We’re hoping it’s the latter because this is actually pretty cool. The Nothing Phone (1) is expected to be officially announced on the 12th of July, so we should have more details about it then.

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