This DJI Mavic 3 deal could make a great Father’s Day present


Father’s Day is nearly upon us and if your dad loves hi-tech gadgets, then what better present to get him than the DJI Mavic 3 drone! The Mavic 3 is one of DJI’s most advanced and powerful drones and normally it would be priced at $2,200, but for Father’s Day, the company is running a promotion that knocks $150 off the price tag.

This means that instead of paying full price, you’ll be paying $2,050 which is still expensive, we know, but it’s not often that we see DJI’s drones get such a generous discount, so now might be a pretty good time to get your hands on one.

The drone will come equipped with a Hasselblad Camera with a 4/3 sensor that provides a 12.8-stop dynamic range, meaning that all the photos and videos you capture with the drone will be nice and vibrant without losing too much detail in the highlights and shadows. The drone also comes with a 46 minute flight time and features DJI’s Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing, helping you avoid objects while flying the drone.

It also has a 15km transmission range, meaning that you should be able to capture quite a lot of scenery without having to change your location.

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