NVIDIA GeForce NOW Comes to Chromebooks


With NVIDIA GeForce NOW, your Chromebook can access RTX 3080-powered PC titles with little more than an internet connection, making gaming on the road easier than ever and, in most cases, cheaper than you thought. Casual and hardcore gamers alike can benefit from the recent availability of a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce NOW Chrome OS app.

That’s fantastic for individuals who want quick, simple gaming on the go. You have a cheap entry road into RTX 3080 graphics without the need for individuals who want high-end PC graphics without having to go out and create a potentially pricey gaming PC.

Chromebooks, of course, can handle Android apps or even a few simple games. The trouble is that, even if you have that skill, your experiences can be extremely varied. Gaming laptops can be large, unwieldy beasts, whereas a Chromebook is tiny, sleek, and offers amazing battery life thanks to a lightweight operating system.

When you combine those remarkable characteristics and a RTX 3080 graphics card, you have the ideal gaming companion. You can use NVIDIA GeForce NOW to access your existing library from a range of services that you already use like Steam or Which sure beats attempting to run a mobile version on a laptop with all of the tinkering you need to do just to have an okish experience.

The great thing about cloud gaming services like NVIDIA GeForce NOW is that you aren’t limited to just one device when you choose to gaming on a Chromebook. You don’t need to be tethered to a single device to play over 1,200 games, including approximately 100 free-to-play titles.

So if you’re interested in gaming at all, and have a Chromebook, go do yourself a favor and go to NVIDIA GeForce NOW to see if your Chromebook can run it!

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