Google starts rolling out its Real Tone filters to Google Photos


One of the perks of Google Photos is that it’s not only a place for users to store their photos and videos, but it can also be used to edit photos if you’re not looking for anything too specific or advanced.

As with most photo editing apps, there are various filters that users can choose from. For those who felt that Google Photos’ filters didn’t do a good job with their skin tones, then you might be pleased to hear that Google has started to roll out an update to Google Photos with the new Real Tone filters.

Real Tones actually made its debut back in the Pixel 6 in 2021. The idea behind the feature was to help users better capture more accurate photos of people with various skin tones. It relied on a face detection algorithm that was capable of detecting more diverse faces under a variety of lighting conditions.

Google later expanded on the feature by bringing it to its various products and services, and now it looks like it has finally made its way to Google Photos. The update is rolling out to Google Photos across the platforms it is available on, such as the web and both the iOS and Android apps, so keep an eye out for it. When it does arrive on your device, you should be able to find it under the Filters tab and there will also be a little “Made with Real Tone” label.

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