The implementation of Big Data in Canada’s Online Casinos


Online casinos and gaming industries have enjoyed arguably the most rapid growth of any business on North America’s shores over the past four years. From suffering a previously alienated existence looked down upon by the public’s perceptions, the industry has now become an incredibly lucrative one overnight.  

One of the key reasons behind this rapid successful growth of the industry is the use of big data analytics. The online gambling industry in Canada operates the same way as it does elsewhere where it is a legal pursuit – and it uses big data analytics in the same way too to increase its enormous revenues.

By developing an understanding of online casino players’ gambling patterns and behaviors, the industry can generate those enormous revenues by appealing directly to the player’s needs. They do so by marketing and promoting their offerings to individual consumers and by providing an online gambling experience catered individually for each player to keep them coming back for more.

Not only does this technology improve the gaming experience once a user is playing. New online casinos now implement big data in order to provide instantaneously – and more importantly secure – payment processing too. In a busy fast-paced world, customers can enjoy limitless, endless online gambling with complete ease by paying at the click of a button on their Android phones and Android-compatible casino apps.  

Let us take a deeper look into how big data is used in the online casino industry, starting with the collection of the information they need.

Collating the actual “big data”

From registering with your name and address – and of course banking details – to withdrawing any winnings you take, online casino players are handing over a lot of their data to the industry. But they need not fear anything, thanks to the industry falling under government regulation.

These same methods of data collection are used by a whole manner of industries who operate their services online – be that entirely, or as one arm of their business. By tracking your online history and shopping or gambling habits 

Personalized information such as age, gender, and location are important tools in enabling companies to profile shoppers, subscribers, and gamers and to market what they believe are their best products for that specific user. This leads us neatly to the next reason why big data is improving Canada’s online casino industry… 

Customization for a personal gambling experience 

Every online gambler loves an experience that is personalized to them and the industry is using AI and big data in order to do this. By mapping your gaming patterns from the very first visit, new online casinos provide you with specific offers and bonuses on activities they know you enjoy – making each further visit fun.

The gambling industry is fully aware that the gaming experience is an important part of customer loyalty. Therefore, utilizing big data analytics to confirm which of their bonuses and promotions are most attractive to, and used by, each customer is crucial. They can also use the same technology to game that holds more attention and the info-graphics, which is useful in hypnotizing their customers.

Improved and secure payment methods

Developing further beyond the personalization of casino play experience for online players, the gambling industry is also using big data analytics to develop their overall games on offer and also to create better winning odds for their players.

The idea that the online casino can provide the same sort of experience as a typical in-person brick-and-mortar establishment is now the norm. As well as providing a generous complement of games to play, online providers also offer a variety of secure payment methods to be used on any device including Android phones.

With credit cards, cash transactions, and even digital currencies all real options to pay at a click of a button or a tap of a screen, knowing the whole process is strictly regulated gamblers can rest assured the industry is incredibly safe to spend their money with these days – providing they use legitimate platforms.

Taking advantage over the competition

It goes without saying that online casinos in Canada use the same big data technology to also get ahead of their competition for gamblers.

Whereas land-based casinos closely studied the behavior patterns of regular gamblers, online casinos instead use data to gather information on their users including why players may only play certain games and not others. They can also discover what types of games most of their users prefer to play in order to gain a competitive advantage over rival platforms. 

Finally, although perhaps less obviously, the companies can use the information they gather on players to maximize profits by pointing their users in the direction of certain games that they know will provide them with bigger incoming sums.  

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The use of big data by the players

As the casinos use their big data analytics to attract customers by offering more competitive jackpots, better odds, and enticing jackpots, the gambler themselves feel the benefit of that. 

Here is where the more experienced, professional online casino players take advantage of the provision of big data by researching the best odds or best casinos for chances to win – or even the biggest payouts. 

There are various statistical websites that offer this service, particularly when it comes to online poker play. Players themselves would be fools not to use the same big data technology that the online casinos do.


Big data analytics in the online casino industry in Canada is used to benefit both the platform provider and the customer. As we have seen in this article, there are many online casinos that are using the technology provided in order to better their understanding of customers’ habits in order to provide the best-personalized gameplay, maximize their profits but also – more importantly – highlight problem gambling and nip addiction in the bud quickly.

So there are huge benefits in using big data for the industry and also for the player. In a supply and demand industry the mutual benefits between those providing the content and those using it for their enjoyment, or even as a serious way of improving their own finances, are high.

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