Xiaomi and Leica Team-up is Official; New Phone Might Come Soon


A while back, we mentioned that a potential partnership between smartphone company Xiaomi and camera brand Leica might be in the works. A new statement from Xiaomi has finally confirmed these rumors in an official press release, and based on the company’s post, we might be seeing a new device soon.

According to a statement from Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, “Xiaomi focuses on creating the ultimate user experience, and has always hoped to explore the capabilities of smartphone photography to the extreme. Xiaomi and Leica agree with each other’s pursuits and ideas and appreciate each other’s advantages and industry.” He added that the cooperation between the two companies will “provide a strong boost to Xiaomi’s imaging strategy.”

Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG, likewise expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating that “the first jointly developed imaging flagship smartphone makes the pioneering progress of both companies visible.”

Back in April, a report from XDA Developers pointed out that specific strings were found in the Chinese version of Xiaomi’s MIUI Gallery app. More specifically, the strings that were found referred to photo-editing filters, with some of these filters featuring the Leica brand name.

While no particular device was announced in the press release, we might see more news about a new device come July this year, based on the announcement.


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