Leaks Point to Multiple Galaxy Watch 5 Variants


New rumors about the much-awaited sequel to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 continue to pour in – a report indicates that Samsung might launch multiple variants of its upcoming wearable, currently referred to as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

According to a report from Sammobile, the Samsung Galaxy Watch will reportedly come in three different variants, each called “Heart-S,” “Heart-L,” and “Heart-Pro.” This most likely refers to the sizes and potential specs list of each of the three wearables.

More specifically, the Heart-S codename probably refers to the 40-42mm variant of the smartwatch, with the model number “SM-R90x,” while Heart-L might refer to the larger Galaxy 44mm or 46mm model, and is associated with model number “SM-R91x.” Lastly, Heart-Pro refers to the variant with the “SM-R92x” model number.

Additionally, other leaks are claiming that a possible “Pro” variant of the Galaxy Watch 5 might come with a 572 mAh battery, which is a rather large capacity as far as smartwatches are concerned.

More recently however, reports indicate that the Watch might not come with a thermometer feature as many had hoped. It’s speculated that Samsung is having difficulties implementing the coding required for a temperature-reading algorithm, which is needed to enable the corresponding hardware sensors responsible for readings.

Source: Sammobile

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