May 5th, 2022

The username and password login system has existed for decades, but it doesn’t mean that it is the best system. This is because due to database breaches, phishing scams, and malware, it’s not that hard for users to end up having their passwords stolen. This is why many have encouraged the use of two-factor authentication systems.

But it seems that maybe in the future, we can look forward to a passwordless system, and that’s something that Google, Apple, and Microsoft have announced that they will be working together on. According to a post on Google’s blog:

“Today, in honor of World Password Day, we’re announcing a major milestone in this journey: We plan to implement passwordless support for FIDO Sign-in standards in Android & Chrome. Apple and Microsoft have also announced that they will offer support for their platforms. This will simplify sign-ins across devices, websites, and applications no matter the platform — without the need for a single password.”

So how does a passwordless system work? Basically instead of you entering your password to authenticate yourself, your phone becomes the key. Your smartphone will store a FIDO credential that is based on public key cryptography and is only shown to your account when your device is unlocked.

The passkey is backed up online which means that even in the event that you lose your phone, it will be synced to your account so when you get a replacement device and sign in, you’ll be able to use it again.

Source: Google

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