South Korea aims to launch 6G prototype in 2026


5G has yet to become mainstream. As it stands, there are still many countries around the world where 5G isn’t available yet, but it appears that over in South Korea, the government already has plans to launch a 6G prototype as soon as 2026.

Now, we already know that the development of 6G has already begun and companies like Samsung are working on the technology. But as it stands, 6G in its current form still needs a lot of work because based on its current form, the distance for data transmission is at a measly 15 meters.

Right now, it has been suggested that the commercialization of 6G is expected to take place in the late 2020s or early 2030s, but the South Korean government is apparently hoping to get there a lot faster. Samsung isn’t alone in trying to develop the technology. A report from a few years ago revealed that Huawei is also working on the tech, although the way many in the world view China and its companies, we’re not sure if many will be quite as eager to adopt Huawei’s tech at this point in time.

5G is already rated to be pretty fast, but we have heard that the theoretical speed of 6G is expected to hit 1Tbps, several thousand times faster than what 5G can offer. This means that things like videos and music and even games that are being streamed should load almost instantly. In any case, 2026 is still several years away so it might be too early to get excited about it.

Source: Business Korea

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