This is the Google I/O Schedule for 2022


Google has released a new homepage more than two weeks before Google I/O 2022 to tease the impending upgrades that will be presented during the event.

The Google I/O website gives a sneak peek at the developer conference’s itinerary, which, as is customary, starts with a keynote from Google CEO Sundar Pichai. On Day 1 of the event, the search giant will also make key product announcements.

Lots of Leaks

Image Source: Android Central

Given the countless leaks and rumors around Google’s initial candidate for best Android wristwatch, it’s a reasonable guess that the Pixel Watch will be unveiled during the event. The suspected device has received Bluetooth SIG certification, only days after Google submitted a trademark registration for it.

After four iterations of the gadget got through the FCC a few weeks ago, the Pixel 6a is slated to make its debut at the event.

For the Developers

Google will have a developer keynote following the I/O keynote to showcase new changes to developer products and platforms.

For the Consumers

Consumers will be most interested when Google announces everything new about Android, including all of the most recent changes for Android 13, Jetpack, tooling, performance, and more.

The Schedule

Of course, the first day of the event wouldn’t be complete without Google delving into a variety of other topics, including Firebase, Flutter, developer machine learning, augmented reality, Google Play, Chrome OS, Google Home, and Google Pay.

The second day will be devoted to technical seminars that will be recorded and made available afterwards.

The timetable overview, however, may not include everything Google has planned for developers and customers.

When the main event begins on May 11, we can sure to expect some surprises to be revealed on the day!

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