Huawei has already begun their research on 6G technology


We expect that over the course of the next few years, 5G will eventually become the standard in which our mobile phones will rely on for internet connectivity, but it seems that behind the scenes, Huawei is not resting on their laurels and according to a report from The Logic, the company has already begun research work on 6G.

Now, it’s hard to say when 6G will come into the picture, but without a doubt, 5G will not be the last standard that we can expect. It’s also probably too early to tell what kind of improvements we might see from 6G over 5G, but presumably, even faster internet speeds are a part of it.

5G is already being viewed as not just about internet speeds, where companies such as Disney are exploring ideas on how to use the technology for movie production. We’ve also heard reports that companies are actually starting to turn to the use of 5G over WiFi for connecting their offices and facilities, due to the fact that unlike WiFi, 5G coverage in theory would be more ubiquitous.

It’s not surprising that Huawei is already exploring the tech. The company has in the past been instrumental in providing the underlying tech used by carriers, but in recent times, they’ve been facing quite a bit of pushback from the US government and its allies regarding 5G. By getting ahead on 6G, it is possible Huawei wants to position themselves in a way that would make them and their tech invaluable.

That being said, Huawei is not alone in exploring 6G tech. A couple of months ago, it was reported that Samsung had also begun their own research work on 6G.

Source: CNET

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