Apr 29th, 2022

Chrome on desktop has a pretty useful feature where you can easily reopen tabs that you closed, especially multiple tabs at once. Unfortunately on mobile, it’s a very different story as it isn’t quite as straightforward, but that is expected to change in the future.

According to a recently-discovered experimental flag in the Chromium Gerrit, it seems that Google is working on a quality-of-life update to Chrome for Android where users will find it easier to restore multiple closed tabs at once.

Right now, restoring closed tabs on Android has to be done one by one. If you’re the type that has many tabs open at once, then restoring all of them can be a time-consuming process, so this update should make it a lot easier. It is unclear at this point how it will work because the entries appear to be quite new.

This suggests that Google might have only just started working on it so it might be a while before we see it available to all users. It is a good sign though because handling multiple tabs on Chrome’s mobile app isn’t quite as seamless compared to desktop. It was earlier this year that Google made some changes to make it harder for users to accidentally close all open tabs, so this upcoming update should be a good way to allow users to restore those tabs if that ever happens.

Source: Android Headlines

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