6 Best Retro Games for Android and iOS


Recollecting the olden days while relieving the nostalgia in your phone is one of the best memories that retro games bring back. Remember when the PS games were not available for either download or purchase? These games kept our leisure time busy while having fun at home, and they are now available in the android and iOS play stores for download.

The developers of this kind of game are constantly coming up with different features to help the players break down the boredom from a long day. Unlike the current video games like the consoles, these games are available in the play store for download free of charge or at a cheaper price to unlock some current features. This post will give you the six best retro games that you can download and play in your comfort when you feel bored or have leisure time.

1. Crossy Road

This mind-eating game involves the player crossing the highway, ensuring they are safe. Hipster Whale developer provides different barriers, including rivers, trains, and cars that keep the highway busy. To cross the highway safely, you’ll have to dodge the obstacles carefully as you maintain a good speed that will ensure you don’t die in the game. The obstacles are countless as they appear one after the other even before you get ready.

To escape your deters, use the arrow keys provided to move side by side so that the chicken doesn’t die. The android or IOS phones allow the player to tilt their phones to either side. As we are all aware, the main character in this game is the chicken that you have to keep safe throughout the game. 

2. Super Mario Run

Many people grew up playing this game, and leaving it out of this list will be the worst mistake ever. However, the new features are fascinating, keeping the game’s originality intact still. All you need to do is tap your screen and begin to move Mario, the game’s main character. You aim to control Mario as it moves forward to jump over walls and gather as many coins as possible to reach the target. Mario has a goal of reaching his love, which was captured, and he needs to come to her rescue. 

However, several intruders and enemies are there to see him fail on the way. Your sole task is to ensure Mario gets safe to his destination. This game poses some challenging console graphics and mechanics and demands that the player is keen and focused on passing several steps. 

3. Pac- Man

If you want another retro game with new graphics that gives a better gaming experience, try out Pac- Man today from the play store, whether android or IOS play store. Playing it involves you controlling the Pac- man and collecting as many pack dots as possible while you keep safe from the Ghost gang. With an advanced weekly maze challenge, this game becomes more interesting as one feels like they are doing a real tournament.

Pac- Man game is free for some features, but you need to unlock more features by paying less and feel a better experience trying to solve a puzzle. The one currently available in the play store poses some new features developed from the previous ones with few improvements to make the user feel contented. 

4. Doodle Jump

The name sounds interesting? Doodle jump is another addictive game that requires you to jump from one podium to the next while escaping the obstacles on your way. To move left or right, you have to tilt your phone to the side of your choice.

Like we used to play it with our mechanical button phones, doodle has upgraded new features that enable one to escape the monsters and black holes that are also there to see you fail. Doodle play will always give you the everlasting fun you desire, no matter your age. Try downloading the new feature available in the play store today and get the best experience. 

5. Minecraft

Getting things from scratch would be interesting, knowing your effort hasn’t been wasted. Minecraft allows you to play with several other players to make several designs and fascinating arts. Giving out creative, adventure, survival, hardcore, and spectator game modes, this mind-taking game makes its players believe they can make anything from scratch.

The game involves building or breaking different structures, it’s free, and one can play to complete their own goals. 

6. Tetris

Leaving this charming game that involves solving different puzzles. Do you love puzzles? This game will ensure your alert as it demands good critical thinking. Playing involves hovering around with different blocks to fill the spaces. 

Have a boring day, or want to remember the long-gone days? Retro games are always a solution to a bored and junky day. These games make one stay alert just like wildz casino on mobile as one tries to avoid failing at different game steps. Staying alert while enjoying the game will be medicine for your depressed day. 


Unlike the PS games, the likes of doodle play, super Mario run are games that don’t require much experience or training to become perfect. By just learning a few tricks to keep you alive in the game, five minutes of your time used to learn the instructions is just enough to keep you going. Download any of the games today and play in your comfort.

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