Upside Down Cake : Android 14 codename revealed!


The official nickname for Android 14 has been revealed, with the 2023 release being dubbed “Upside Down Cake” by Google.

Every year, Google assigns its most recent major Android version a fun codename based on a dessert, in alphabetical order. These codenames used to be the official names of each Android version, including well-known brands like KitKat and Oreo.

As you might anticipate, things became a little more complicated with Android Q. For that year, Google chose Queen’s Cake, however the official Android name has since been changed to a simple integer.

Google’s name for Android 14 — what would’ve been “Android U” — has been exposed as “Upside Down Cake” in a new code modification submitted to the Android Open Source Project. This is written as a single word in the code, “UpsideDownCake.”

Image Source: 9to5Google

Given how few desserts begin with the letter U, it’s no wonder that Google picked Upside Down Cake as the codename for Android 14. Regardless, it’s encouraging to have the codename confirmed, signaling that Android 14 work is well on its way..

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