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These days safe internet browsing is more important than ever before. Luckily you have some great apps that can help you with all of this right now. We have found these 5 that are more than just effective, easy to use, and come with great features you are going to need. Let’s reveal all of the details and specifics you may want to know: 


DuckDuckGo is ideal if you want to enjoy safe internet browsing. First of all, you get superb privacy that is always available. The app will also teach you about all the details, specifics, and more related to safety online and especially privacy. Believe it or not, this works well and the results are impressive.

The app also comes with a Fire button. It may sound complicated or unknown, but the button here is more than just simple and effective. You can delete all of your data and at the same time close all your tabs with a single click. This is a great advantage and suitable for users who have many tabs open all the time. Now you can end up your session within a second.

There are a lot of additional features you will appreciate. The app uses and promotes encrypted browsing and also prevents app tracking. The app allows you to do the same thing with your emails. Basically, the app can prevent emails or content within the emails tracking you (this does happen). 


Of all apps, you can find today this one has to be the most interesting and the simplest at the same time. First of all, you will use the app to distance yourself from using your smartphone or a tablet. Just install the app, open it and configure the time when you want to use it.

You will have to select the time when the app will start and the time when the session will end. This means that during that time you cannot use the phone. It will show a black screen only with the time when you can start using it. Users can choose when they want the app to start automatically, at a specific time every day, or on weekends only. 

The app comes in free mode and you can use most of the features here. But there is also a premium version of the app. Premium users can also get phone calls while using the app and use the white list. This is just a small number of available features. 


Gamban is one app that gamblers with addiction know about and have been using for a long period of time. Some UK users who used to play at casinos not on GamStop can benefit from GamBan because this tools will block even casino sites that are not restricted by GamStop sefl-exclusion. What this means is that you can get the time free of gambling and work on your addiction or your problems. Once you have solved them, you can remove the ban and enjoy online gambling again. 

The app uses a database that has over 10.000 websites in it. This is an easier approach than GamStop due to the fact you can block all of these websites with just one click. Keep in mind that it is not possible to remove the app or the ban before the specified time frame expires. The app is available on all platforms and comes with great functionality. You can install it on all devices you want to use and even older ones. 

The app is not free. You will have to choose between a monthly or yearly plan. Luckily the app is more than just affordable so you can get it today. 


This particular app is great for your productivity and when you want to get the job done in no time. It is simple in nature and it works as you may believe. The app lets you block all the websites and apps you want with a single click. Yes, it can block adult websites as well and you can use this feature as a part of parental controls or when you need it.

Users can schedule when the app will run and use a feature called time management. Both of these are designed to keep you away from online gaming at a specific time frame and help you get the job done faster. There is no need to worry about the details or specifics here. Just download the app, use it and you are good to go. 


This is another app that can help you distance yourself from your phone and online activity. But it is a bit different compared to other Android blockers of the same kind. Basically, a user has the ability to block the app, limit how long he will use it every day or even an hour, how many launches are allowed per day, and maximum usage time after each lunch. You can also break between launches if you like.

So, how does all of this actually help you? Well, you can block the apps that have been time-consuming and taking up a lot of your time. Instead, you can focus on completing something you need to be done. The app is simple in nature but it does work well and all the features you may expect are present here.

To run the app you will have to grant the device administrator permission. The developers are there to assist you if you need them so you can always get help with any issue you may have. This is unlikely to develop. The app was downloaded over 50.000 times and there were no issues. You need at least Android 5.0 to run the app. 


These apps can help you to stay safe while internet browsing and at the same time with productivity or when you want to keep yourself away from online gambling. One way or another, you have a lot of options and you can use these apps for your gain. They are simple to download and install so there are no issues there. We liked the fact all of these are modern and at the same time very effective apps that have been used by millions of people.

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