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How to watch Nothing’s “The Truth” event on March 23


When Carl Pei left OnePlus, the company he had helped co-found, many were wondering what his next move would be. It turned out to be a new company he called Nothing, which to date has only launched one product – the Nothing Ear (1).

There have been hints that the company could be planning to expand to other products, namely smartphones which makes sense given Pei’s experience with OnePlus and the mobile industry in general. Now it looks like there is a chance we might learn more about the company’s plans at their March 23 “The Truth” event, and here’s how you can watch it.

How to watch Nothing’s event

For those who are keen to check out Nothing’s upcoming event, you’ll be able to watch it either from the company’s website or over on YouTube. You can actually bookmark this page and watch the stream in the video below.

It is scheduled to start on March 23 at 14:00 GMT, which for those living in other states or other parts of the world will be:

  • New York – 10AM ET
  • Tokyo – 11PM JST
  • Los Angeles – 7AM PT
  • New Delhi – 7:30PM IST
  • Sydney – 1:00AM (March 24) AEDT

What to expect from Nothing

At this moment, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Nothing will be announcing at the event. The company hasn’t really said too much about it, although on their website they do state that 2021 was a “warm up” and that 2022 will be the year the company really kicks things off.


2021 was just the warm up.

We landed investments. Partnered with the best suppliers. Built a 300 people-strong team. Launched our first product which sold over 400,000 units.

All of that in one year.

So what’s next?

Like we said earlier, Nothing could be working on a phone. The company had previously revealed a partnership with Qualcomm, who all of you should be familiar with as the company who supplies the majority of chipsets for Android smartphones.

Photos taken at MWC earlier this year also showed Pei speaking with Qualcomm executives with a phone in his hand, which many have speculated could have been a working prototype.

Then again, Nothing did state last year that they have at least five new products in the works that they could debut in 2022, so maybe this event could be about something else. Either way, do check back with us later today for the official details.

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A graphic novelist wannabe. Amateur chef. Mechanical keyboard enthusiast. Writer of tech with over a decade of experience. Juggles between using a Mac and Windows PC, switches between iOS and Android, believes in the best of both worlds.

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