Nothing has five new products in the works, and some are coming in 2022


Nothing burst onto the scene earlier this year, following Carl Pei’s departure from OnePlus in an effort to make waves in the tech space. The Nothing Ear (1) earbuds were the company’s first product, and have proven to be quite a hit, as the earbuds only recently became available for purchase on a regular basis

In an interview with India Today, Nothing India GM Manu Sharma confirmed that the company is working on a total of five new products at this time.

“For our way forward, our mission is to build for the future. We are speeding up very rapidly in terms of building a pipeline of products, we already have five products in development that we are speeding up to meet our mission of launching iconic products and we are excited about that.”

Unfortunately, Sharma didn’t share or reveal what kind of products are in the works, but assumptions are that we’ll be seeing a power bank and potentially a smartphone in the future. Fortunately, Sharma did reveal that several of these products will be arriving sometime “next year.” The only question now is to see what’s to come and whether Nothing’s acquisition of Essential plays dividends.

If you remember, Nothing acquired the rest of the Essential company, and that likely means that Carl Pei’s upstart company now has the patents and prototypes for now-canceled devices. Perhaps this opens the door for the candy bar smartphone that Rubin teased before closing the doors for good.

While rumors have pointed to a future smartphone release, and that would be interesting, we’re a bit more interested to see what other devices Pei has planned with Nothing. With a stable foundation, Nothing could position itself to become a real player in the tech space. Now, we just have to play the waiting game for Nothing.


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