8 Best Football Apps on Android for News, Schedules & More


Grab that scarf and favorite team’s shirt, because it’s time to support the team! With these apps, you get the ultimate experience of all football championships this year because you are always aware of the latest news and all important information about the tournament. Here are our six favorite apps.


Via the ESPN app, you can watch all the live sports events in HD quality. In addition, you can also check the results of matches in all international leagues and tournaments. This app also includes a great feature for sports bettors where they can read accurate analyzes and predictions provided by sports experts. You can also listen to podcasts – all in one app!

In order not to miss a match, the app can send push notifications. Those notifications can also work for important updates in matches, such as goals and red cards.

You can also find other useful information and statistics. For example, take a look at the composition of all teams and discover who the top scorers are. In addition, you can discover which stadiums are played in. In short, a great app with a clear interface to quickly be informed about everything.

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This app is of course impossible to miss. With this app, you will stay informed of game schedules and you can follow updates minute by minute during the matches. The app also works with a news feed that includes articles and fun videos. In advance, you select the teams that you would like to follow closely. You can also find player statistics

Feedly also includes two kinds of games. First of all, there is Fantasy Football. This gives you a budget with which you can buy your own players from all teams. Then you score points depending on the performance of each player. In addition, you have another game where you predict how each match will go until the final. You can compare your results with those of friends. However, you will only get real profits when you bet on trusted sports betting sites.

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Onefootball is one of the best football apps available on the Google Play Store. Through this app, you can follow thousands of teams in all international leagues, as well as know the results of different tournaments and leagues. This app has all the information you need including news, stats, goal videos and matches summary. The app also contains statistics and analytics that you can rely on in predicting the results of different matches. The user is free to choose between activating or disabling notifications to know the squads, goals, and players who receive warning cards.

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FotMob is one of the best soccer apps available for Android devices. You can use this app for free. However, a monthly subscription that costs you only $7.49 will give you a lot of extra features. This app covers a wide range of major leagues and also supports a good number of lesser-known leagues. Besides covering live match action, this app also offers a lot of additional information like lineups, stats, goals, cards, substitutes, tables and more. FotMob has a clean and easy-to-use interface as well as a multi-dimensional design which is a great feature since the app offers a lot of options and information. However, it seems from user reviews on Google Play that the notification feature does not work from time to time. Other than that, the app works great on all kinds of Android devices.

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This simple and lightweight simulation app is all about those predictions. You also immediately have a quick overview of all scores to make your estimates correct. Just keep in mind that this app is very simplistic as there is no real way to share your scores with others other than just sending a screenshot. But sometimes such a simple setup, instead of lots of bells and whistles, is exactly what you’re looking for.

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Although it is not only a football app, it serves multiple fields and of course football! Reddit has communities that discuss many areas, and there are many communities that discuss football. So a lot of leagues, teams and even players have their own subreddits. Through Reddit, you can communicate with your friends, share your predictions for the results of sports matches, exchange opinions on news, and talk about the opposing teams in a civilized way! The app is free. However, there is an optional subscription that offers users some extra features such as removing ads.

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Forza Football

Forza Football is one of the best sports apps available for Android users. This app covers a lot more than just football as it includes live scores and updates for all championships. This app has an easy-to-use interface and is fast to download and it works, in general, the Forza Football app works flexibly on all screens and all Android versions from the newest to the oldest.

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Who does not know Twitter?! It is the second-largest platform in the world in terms of the number of users. Twitter contains a lot of accounts for teams, national teams, players, and official sports organizations. In addition to that, it also contains accounts of sports betting sites, and tipsters. All in all, this app has the advantage of being an ideal place for sports fans including football fans for sure. You can follow official league accounts, players, and sports blogs as well. Thus, you will get all the results and updates in one place, however, the Twitter app does not provide additional features to users such as live broadcasts of sports matches, but you can watch highlights and goals on the official pages. You can also interact with other fans.

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