Essential Smart Devices to Prevent Water and Fire Damage


Water and fire can result in severe damage to your property, home, and business. What’s unfortunate is that you may not detect water leakage or fire until it’s too late. For this reason, you should invest in smart devices to continuously monitor your home and detect any sign of danger before there is adverse damage to your belongings. The following are three essential devices that can help prevent water and fire damage.

Smart water leak detectors

Water leaks slowly penetrate a porous building and spread further to other parts of your home, which could lead to the growth of mold and mildew, not to mention potential structural damage. The best way to protect your home from flood and water damage is by investing in a smart water leak detector.

A smart water leak detector is a battery-powered device that can be situated between various plumbing fixtures and pipes in the home, including sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and water heaters, to mention a few. In case of a leak, the detector sends notifications to your smartphone or automatically sounds an alarm. This means that you can fix the leak immediately to avoid severe property destruction or the hassle of seeking a water damage restoration service. 

You could opt for a flood monitoring system that comes with automatic valve shut-offs and multiple water leak detectors you could remotely control if you live in an area prone to flooding. This helps you stay ahead of any water-related damage in your home.

Smart smoke detectors

The difference between complete loss and repairable damage caused by fire is early detection. This is where smart smoke detectors come in. A smart smoke detector is set to provide alarm warnings to your smartphone in case of a fire, availing of more time to escape.

Smoke detectors can also be connected to home security systems, allowing notifications to be sent to you and the fire department, facilitating quick emergency responses.

Often, the source of a fire is a mystery, and it may be difficult to tell where a fire started in the first place. Smart smoke detectors can be incorporated into your security cameras, allowing you to view footage of the start of the fire, hence better prevention in the future.

You should choose smart smoke detectors with features that allow them to shut down the HVAC system when it detects smoke. This prevents the spread of smoke particles to other areas of the home through the HVAC system.

Smart stovetop devices

Often, most home fires are a result of cooking, especially when food is left unattended. For this reason, you should invest in a smart stovetop device. These devices automatically shut off the stove whenever you walk out of the kitchen and leave food unattended.

Smart stovetop devices are fitted with motion-sensing technology so that when you leave the kitchen, the unit starts a countdown to when it will switch off the stove. When you walk back to the kitchen, the countdown restarts, and the stove is switched on. 


No one is immune to disaster. However, you can put measures to prevent water and fire from causing extensive damage to your property by investing in smart water leak detectors, smoke detectors, and stovetop devices.

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